PM Modi recounts horrors of 2001 Parliament attack during P20 address

Oct 13, 2023

New Delhi, October 13 (ANI): Addressing the G20 Parliamentary Speakers' Summit (P20) Summit in Delhi on October 13, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recounted the horrors of the 2001 terror attack on the Indian Parliament. “Everyone knows that India has been encountering cross-border terrorism for decades. Terrorists have killed thousands of innocents in India. You will also see the old Parliament building near the new Parliament building. Around 20 years ago, terrorists attacked our old Parliament building. At that same time, a Parliament Session was underway. The terrorists wanted to hold the Parliamentarians hostage, and kill them. India has encountered many such terrorist attacks,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Prime Minister added, “The world has realised the challenge of terrorism. Terrorism in all its forms and shapes is against humanity. We all should take strict action against terrorism. It is sad the world has yet to reach unanimity on the definition of terrorism. Parliaments in the world and their representatives have to think about how to work together in this fight against terrorism.”