Mumbai school girls to participate in 'First Global Challenge 2019' in Dubai

Oct 09, 2019

Mumbai, Oct 10 (ANI): Five girls from different schools of Mumbai will represent India in a robotics competition. All girls are between 14-18 years of age. They will participate in a robotics competition, 'First Global Challenge 2019'. It will be held in Dubai from 24-27 October. The theme of robotics competition is 'Ocean Opportunities' and challenge for participants is to build robots to clean up oceans. While speaking to ANI, one of the team members, Aarushi Shah said, "We have to design build and program a robot from scratch that completes that challenge. Every team receives the same kinds and number of parts.""What is important is thinking out of the box and innovating. Our wish is to make our country proud,"Aarushi added. Students from 193 countries from around the world are going to participate in the competition.