Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta on importance of having ‘mast’ attitude in life

Dec 07, 2023

Mumbai, Dec 07(ANI): Veteran actors Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta are all set to come up with the film ‘Mast Mein Rehne Ka’. While speaking about the theme of the film, the two urged people to add ‘masti’ to life and stop worrying too much about issues existing in one's life. Neena Gupta said, “I agree today our life has become difficult. Youngsters are facing a lot of roblems...there's so much competition out there but we should not take too much stress in our life. Thoda mast mein bhi hona chayie (There should be some fun too). ” “One should maintain a perfect balance in life... be healthy... do yoga, love nature... use technology but use it for good...Everyone is dealing with some kind of problem in their life. It all depends on how one reacts to it... Take care of health.” ‘Mast Mein Rehne Ka’ will start streaming on Prime Video from December 08.