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Woman who boarded Delta flight without ID, boarding pass won't be charged 'at this time,' FBI says

Oct 13, 2019

Orlando (USA) Oct 13: The FBI has announced that the woman who managed to board a Delta Air Lines flight from at Orlando International Aiport without an ID or boarding pass last weekend will not be charged "at this time" for her actions.
"After considering the evidence and other factors, including the availability of civil and administrative remedies, we will not be pursuing criminal charges at this time," FBI spokeswoman Andrea Aprea said in a statement on Friday, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Aprea declined to offer further comment.
On Oct. 5, a woman identified as Sylvia Rictor was found sitting in a seat assigned to someone else while passengers boarded a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta, the Sentinel said. It remains unclear how the woman managed to get on the plane without a boarding pass or ID.
When questioned as to how she illicitly boarded the aircraft, a witness said that the offender argued with flight crew and police for about 45 minutes, before law enforcement officials removed her from the plane, according to WKMG-TV.
She reportedly left the plane cursing, to the confusion of many other passengers.
The woman's antics delayed the flight by about three hours, as all passengers had to deplane and be screened again as a security precaution, as per the outlet.
In response, Delta released the following statement on the story:
"Delta apologizes to customers of flight 1516 for the delay after a person not ticketed for that flight was removed from the aircraft," a spokesperson for the carrier said. "Security officials then directed precautionary rescreen of everyone onboard. Delta is working with local law enforcement and the Transportation Security Administration on their investigation and we are conducting our own review of this as well."
Source: Fox News