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Fauci and Trump spoke during the President's Covid-19 recovery

Oct 22, 2020

Washington DC (USA) Oct 22: Before President Donald Trump started trashing Dr. Anthony Fauci this week as a "disaster," the two men spoke during the President's Covid-19 recovery, two administration officials tell CNN.
Following that discussion between Trump and Fauci, a White House official was also in touch with the nation's top infectious diseases expert about Trump's condition prior to last week's NBC News town hall.
Earlier this week, Trump slammed Fauci and other government scientists for their handling of the coronavirus. As it turns out, Trump and at least one White House official were seeking his expertise during the President's recovery from the virus.
The White house did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment.
Fauci, who was tagged to join the White House coronavirus task force toward the start of the pandemic, has sometimes been at odds with Trump over how the federal government should handle its public health response to the virus. And as the pandemic has stretched into the summer and fall, Trump has met with task force members, including Fauci, less frequently. The President's last in-person meeting with Fauci was more than two months ago, on August 11, for an Oval Office session on vaccine development, a source familiar with the matter said.
But in recent weeks, as Trump has campaigned across the country in the final weeks before the election, the President has resorted to more personal insults against Fauci while still banking on the doctor's kinder words in a campaign ad.
Trump has repeatedly referred to Fauci -- who has served as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since the Reagan administration -- as a Democrat (a baseless claim that is unfounded) in recent days. And on a recent campaign call, he also referred to the infectious disease expert as a "disaster" and an idiot.
"People are tired of hearing Fauci and these idiots, all these idiots who got it wrong," Trump said earlier this week on the call.
"Fauci is a nice guy," he continued. "He's been here for 500 years."
On "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning, the President also said Fauci was not "a team player."
"He's a nice guy, but he's been wrong," Trump said, referring to Fauci.
He also claimed: "It's good if the people trust him, but it's not that the people -- reporters like him because they think he's against me. He's not really against me."
Trump openly criticized Fauci as his campaign continued to air a television ad implying that Fauci endorsed the President's response to the pandemic.
The ad touts Trump's experience with the virus and quotes Fauci in an attempt to make it appear as if he is praising the President's response.
But Fauci has said that the quote was used out of context, that the campaign used his words without his permission and that he has never endorsed a candidate for US president. Fauci has also called for the ad to be taken down.
And in an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired on Sunday, Fauci claimed that the White House has prevented him from doing some interviews with the press -- an assertion that the President has denied.
On Monday, Fauci called Trump's attacks a "distraction" and emphasized that he just wants to do his job.
"It depends if you take it personally. I focus totally on the health and the welfare of the people of this country. That's what I devoted 50 years of my career towards," Fauci said.
"That's the only thing I really care about. That other stuff, it's like in 'The Godfather': 'Nothing personal, strictly business,' as far as I'm concerned," Fauci said. "I just want to do my job and take care of the people of this country. That's all I want to do."
Source: CNN News