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Elizabeth Hurley sizzles in bikini top and denim shorts during quarantine: 'Spring has sprung'

Apr 25, 2020

London (UK) April 25: Elizabeth Hurley is taking some time to soak up the nice weather as she self-isolates.
The British model and swimsuit designer took to Instagram on Friday to share a photo of herself -- rocking a hot pink bikini top featuring gold chain detailing from her swimsuit line paired with denim cut-off shorts -- as she stood outside, raising her arms in the air.
"Spring has sprung #stayhome 😘," Hurley, 54, captioned the snapshot, reminding her social media followers to continue to social distance amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Hurley has been quarantined in her Herefordshire country home alongside eight other family members, including her 18-year-old son Damian and widowed mother Angela.
Earlier this month, the star opened up about what it was like living with her relatives, comparing it to "The Waltons," a '70s series that followed a family in rural Virginia during the Great Depression.
"There are nine of us," Hurley explained to U.K.'s Hello! magazine.
She continued: "I have my whole family here, including my mother, an aunt and a friend who has severe respiratory problems. I am completely paranoid that I won't be able to keep them safe and I haven't let anyone leave the house apart from me. I just nip out to local food stores and wear a mask and gloves. I'm terrified of bringing the virus back to my vulnerable guests."
However, despite the full house, Hurley said she's eager to have a new man in her life once the pandemic is over.
"I'd love to fall madly in love with someone, which certainly won't happen whilst I'm locked down with blood relatives," she explained to the outlet, adding that: "Maybe when it's over I'll put my headlamps on full beam and make an effort."
Source: Fox News