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Cher offers to cover legal bills for fired school guard who used racial slur

Oct 20, 2019

Wisconsin (USA) Oct 20: Cher is offering to pay the legal bills for a Wisconsin high school security guard whose firing sparked protests.
In a tweet Friday, the pop singer said she'll cover the cost of any lawsuit Marlon Anderson might file over being fired for repeating a racial slur while telling a student to stop using the word.
Anderson, who is black, said the disruptive student at Madison West High School repeatedly used the slur and other obscenities on Oct. 9.
He repeated the word as he admonished the student, who is also black.
The Madison school district, which has a zero-tolerance policy on racial slurs, fired Anderson.
Cher, a Grammy-, Oscar- and Tony-winning artist, called the firing "disrespectful," especially after the death Thursday of Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., a civil rights leader who "fought for justice."
Students at the high school skipped school on Friday to protest Anderson's firing.
Anderson has filed a grievance and hopes to get his job back.
It's unclear whether the student faced disciplinary action for his use of the slur.
Source: Fox News