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Barbra Streisand tweets cartoon of Nancy Pelosi impaling Trump with giant high heel

Oct 20, 2019

California (USA) Oct 20: Renowned entertainer Barbra Streisand tweeted a gruesome cartoon on Saturday in an apparent attempt to express her displeasure with President Trump during his ongoing feud with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.
The cartoon showed massive high heels, including one labeled "Pelosi." Impaled on the black heel was a tiny Trump with what looked like blood flowing from his chest.
Streisand's tweet came after Trump and Pelosi faced off over a number of issues, with the latter leading an official impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives. Tensions seemed to flare on Wednesday when she stood during a White House meeting and appeared to scold President Trump.
The two were set to discuss administration's position on Syria after her chamber had voted to oppose his decision to pull U.S. troops out of the war-torn nation.
Both attempted to use the incident to their advantage. While Trump tweeted the photo as proof Pelosi had a meltdown, Pelosi owned the photo by placing it in her Twitter profile.
Streisand's tweet was just the latest attack on Trump, who she also called a "moron-in-chief" on Saturday morning. In another tweet on Thursday, the singer claimed that Trump continually showed he was unfit to serve as president.
Also on Saturday, Streisand tweeted out an article arguing for Trump's impeachment. The featured image showed a giant peach crushing the president.
Streisand previously claimed Trump made her "gain weight," said she was thinking about moving to Canada if Republicans won the House, and released a song expressing her frustration with the administration.
On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr., Trump's son, joined others in calling out Streisand's tweet.
"These undercover threats that echo innuendos of harming the POTUS will not and should not be tolerated!" commentators Diamond and Silk tweeted.
Source: Fox News